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All the departments and procedures of the company, from the order of the raw material to the delivery of the final product are validated by the most contemporary measuring equipment through an internal managing quality system.
Raw material is received only by standardized suppliers who follow the international quality standards. The chemical composition, the dimensions and the quality features have to comply with strict specifications. These are the parameters that guarantee the production of steel elbows of the highest quality. Steel elbows are tested for their diameter, their wall thickness, the radius of curvature as well as the surface of the material.

Finally, in collaboration with recognised organizations, tests are conducted concerning the tensile strength and the hardness of the material in order to guarantee the consistency of the required specifications.
The production of steel elbows follows the standards of DIN2605 3D and 5D and ANSI B16.9. When necessary, steel elbows are marked according to the standard of DIN50049 and are accompanied by certificate DIN2609/3.1.B.

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